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Anna Garcia author and motivational speaker

Anna Garcia

"It was the least intimidating thing I have ever done, the creation of the book was done in about 6 hours, if that. They made me a Best selling author"

Do You Want To Create And Publish Your Book?

We help you achieve it!

No time? Not the best writer?
Do not think you have enough knowledge to fill a book?

We help you extract your knowledge and content in just a few hours,
And Turn your words into a beautiful timeless book.

Our Authors

We have worked with many authors to create some life changing books, theses include many Amazon bestsellers or international bestsellers in just the last two years

matthew cybulski author
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See what our authors have to share about their experience with us and how writing a book changed their life and boosted their business.

What Is Laura Really Like To Work With?

"Anybody wondering about publishing, you have come to the right place, Laura Helen and her team are absolutely hands down one of the best sources to publish your book out there. They are not only going to your publish book, they are going to work with you through the tough times, through the times of self-doubt they are going to coach you through the entire process. As well as helping you with the launch of it, the marketing afterwards, and after the book is released it does not stop there… they have helped me…SO many times!…"

- Matthew Cybulski

"This is a story that began 4 months ago, through my network I came across Laura. For me it was just my gut feeling straight away I just knew this had to happen, I had to take that leap of faith, trusting somebody that really, I didn’t know, I didn’t know Laura from Adam. For me to invest time and money into something like this… at the end of the day I said to myself, you either trust yourself or you do not. your either full in or you are not. Working with Laura is the most simple thing drama less thing and trust me I know how to do drama.…"

- Anna Garcia

"For years I have had the idea of writing a book, and always felt I had one inside me to release to the public that could help people. Laura told she could take me from idea to actual release and I would not have to do any of the hard work. I immediately jumped at this choice, and I am so grateful I did. Since the process has started Laura has kept me accountable the entire way and it’s something that should be worth several times what they are actually charging so don’t wait any longer, get your idea out to the world and change some lives.…"

- Daniel Chard

Books We’ve Published

It Started off as a family business and grew and grew. We’ve worked with over 200 authors in only 4 years. Here are a few of the books we’ve worked on (including Amazon bestsellers):

Books we’ve published

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