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"Laura makes YOU the author… not just of your story but the author of YOUR LIFE!"

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Premier Agency for Book Creation and Publishing, Empowering CEOs, Coaches, and Experts to Transform Their Influence and Business.

We are Books Boost Business, where your literary journey transforms into commercial success and impact.
We are experts in transforming your story and book into catalysts for business growth, positioning CEOs, coaches, and experts as renowned authorities in their fields with our comprehensive suite of services tailored to authors' needs.
We are trusted by a diverse array of authors, CEO's and coaches, Books Boost Business is committed to delivering excellence. Our tailored approaches ensure your book not only finds its audience but also establishes a lasting connection, turning readers into fans and content into revenue. Let's make it happen.

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Looking for a book agency to elevate your brand with a bestselling book?

We get you results using tried and tested methods and systems that have consistently proven their worth.
Creating a book is a complex beast; that is where we come in, with our expert team transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring your work captivates readers and attracts high-paying clients.
We guide you on your path to true authenticity, enabling you to reach and deeply connect with your ideal audience, setting you apart and propelling your brand and business forward.

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A Book Publishing Partner You Can Trust. Truly.

We build relationships with our authors through unwavering trust. As your dedicated book publishing partner, transparency is at the core of everything we do. With us, your journey to publishing success is illuminated every step of the way. Let's collaborate to turn your literary dreams into reality.

Transforming Ideas into Masterpieces, One Book at a Time

"I want to give credit to Laura for making this possible. You can’t put a price tag on what they have brought to the table, not just the fact they got my book published, they helped me overcome those hurdles of self-doubt, helping me getting out of my own way. We have to live what we are selling, and she helped me live that. Sometimes she believed in me more than I believed in myself. Your story needs to get out there, she will help make sure that your story is told, and that you become not only the author of your story but the author of your life!"

"This is a story that began 4 months ago. Through my network I came across Laura. For me it was just my gut feeling straight away. I just knew this had to happen, I had to take that leap of faith, trusting somebody who really, I didn’t know. I didn’t know Laura from Adam. For me to invest time and money into something like this… at the end of the day I said to myself, you either trust yourself or you do not. You're either full in or you are not. Working with Laura is the most simple thing, drama-less thing and trust me I know how to do drama.…"

"I put writing this book off for years, from the moment I connected with Laura everything began to change, they brought clarity and direction where there had only been confusion. They guided me every step, their keen eye for detail and creative flare ensured the final book was polished to perfection, they managed to capture the essence of my book in a striking and meaningful way. What seemed impossible was completed in an unexpectedly short time, I am so proud of my book. This is a skilled team that genuinely cares about you, your vison and your dream."

The Four Hour Author

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Since its release, The 4 Hour Author has empowered countless aspiring writers to unlock their potential and streamline their path to publishing success.

A constant on bestseller charts, this book continues to explain how to turn your expertise and stories into a compelling book in just four hours. It demonstrates how experts like you, with the right guidance, can become a published author, leveraging your book to boost credibility, visibility, and business growth — and we'd like to give you a copy for free.

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"I am beyond grateful to Books Boost Business for their exceptional patience and professionalism throughout the creation of my book. I changed my mind several times, yet they consistently helped me gain clarity and stayed supportive. Even when I completely changed the cover close to the launch deadline, they still met every promised time and date. They do what they say they will, exactly when they say they will. Their dedication and professionalism are truly remarkable. Thank you, Books Boost Business, for turning my dream into a reality!"

Traci Gagnon

Traci Gagnon, EXP Realty, Entrepreneur and Author.

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"Laura makes YOU the author…
not just of your story but the author of YOUR LIFE!"