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7 Days To Fearless

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What You Will Get:

  • Learn to accept challenges
  • Push past your limiting beliefs
  • Have courage and show leadership skills
  • Take a step forward in getting what you want
  • ​Enjoy life what ever happens and gets thrown at you
  • Show your world you are FEARLESS

Why Be Fearless?

What Will It Mean To You?

When it comes to fears, talking in public is highest on the list. People are more afraid of talking in front of an audience than they are of than dying, that is ludicrous, people are more afraid to be giving the eulogy than being in the casket?!?!

If you had the choice where would you rather be??

In the casket or at the front of the room in front of 100 / 1000 people, giving your best wishes to the newly deceased?

If you said the first one, we need to talk. Even if you only thought the first one, we need to connect!​

When your boss asks you to do a presentation or pitch an idea to your co-workers, are you thinking oh no?! Or oh wow I can get my ideas out there and get that promotion?

To become a leader you need to be able to talk to an audience, are you a follower or are you a leader?​

If your best friend asks you to give a speech at his /her wedding will you be able to step up and make your friend proud? Would you like to show your bestie, your BEST?​

I want to help you here, with our 7-day be fearless challenge, it is not a long-winded program that you will only take part in 50% and be disheartened and not get any benefit.

Guaranteed, incredible, life changing RESULTS!
This is 7 days, a daily challenge that you have 24 hours to complete. It WILL push you past your comfort zone, it WILL make you accountable and it WILL make you grow. Grow into a better person allowing you to be comfortable being you, allowing you access to a higher life.

"Live life on YOUR terms and never miss an opportunity due to FEAR!…"


The 7-day challenge has transformed my life!! I was so camera shy and now I am a confident public speaker in front of crowd and professional cameraman!! Don’t believe it, see it for yourself on Liu Yang FB live:))

Liu Yang London

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