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30 Day Live Program

This incredible online program breaks down the overwhelming project of creating your book into 30 simple steps. Allowing you to create your book in just 30 days with daily live Q&A. Lifetime Access so you can work at your own speed.

30 days to write a book

Boost Your Book

Destroy Your Competition By Creating A High Converting Business Book! Boost Your Business And Become The 'Go To' Expert In Your Niche! We guide you through the whole process. Weekly live Q&A to support and guide you in a group of like minded peers.

Create a business Book

Platinum Monthly Coaching

This service helps those getting their books ready for a traditional publisher, we help them unlock their story and share their greatness. This service is also for those that have created and maybe even published their book but need assistance in building their brand and business.

platinum monthly coaching

All Packages Over $3000 Available With A Price Plan

Work with us, one to one support throughout your journey. Let us create together, either unlocking your true potential or boosting your brand and business, let us be partners in this journey of growth.

Kids Book Creation

Keep their imagination and creativity alive by supporting their visions and creations. We are helping parents turn their children’s stories into books that will amaze them, we use programs that allow us to take your children’s drawings and make it appear that they have drawn them into their very own book.

Turn your childs srory and pictures into their own incredible book

We Coach Your Story

This is the simplest service that we offer. We have one to one coaching, we help you release the content from your heart, poured onto the page. We also provide 3 different cover designs for you to choose from, and then create your final cover. We do the typing, editing and publishing for you. From an Idea to a published book.

We Coach Your Story
Authentically Fearless

When it comes to fears, talking in public is highest on the list. People are more afraid of talking in front of an audience than they are of than dying, that is ludicrous, people are more afraid to be giving the eulogy than being in the casket?!?! If you had the choice where would you rather be?? In the casket or in the room?

Authentically fearless

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  • No More Writer's Block
  • We Keep You Unstuck
  • 100% Creative Control
  • 100% Royalties
  • Amazon Best Seller
  • A Book Launch that reaches thousands of potential clients
  • You get fearless on camera and comfortable in your own skin!
  • Deep dive sessions to get you your desired business results!

"What makes them different? - They give you an experience, not just a book"

  • No More Writer's Block:Instead of sitting staring at the blinking cursor on the blank screen. You flow with what you know! We get you out of your head and into your heart and help you pour your content to the page making your book full of gold, making it easier for your reader to get to know you, connect with you, understand your journey and take a transformation journey with you.
  • We Keep You Unstuck:Not only do we keep you accountable we stop you getting stuck in the drama of your Story. We help you overcome your Story and instead of it owning you, you overcome and are empowered by it giving you massive reach to make a big impact and difference to your readers that are currently facing the challenges that you have overcome.
  • ​100% Creative Control:We will give you all our advice, knowledge and expertise but at the end of the day it is your book, it's your passion, it's a project we want you to be proud of so you have the final say.
  • 100% Royalties:Unlike traditional publishers with us you keep 100% of your royalties instead of just the basic 10 to 15%. It's your Story, it's your knowledge, it is your journey, you deserve 100% of your royalties.
  • Amazon Best Seller:With our money back guarantee it is a no brainer. We will get your book within the top 50 Amazon best selling books for your niche. 'Guaranteed Amazon Best Selling Author in 90 days or we work for free' until we do.

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