Video Testimonials:

Word of Mouth is the Best Advertising

Tegan Helen

"My book got me onto the stage. It connected me with world-changers who then have became my mentors."

Matthew Cybulski

"You can't put a price tag on what Books Boost Business brought to the table, this took my message to a much larger platform"

"It has just been unbelievably mind blowing so far, a superb business book coach. Laura has been an absolute dream to work with. The girl has got skills man, she has got the knowledge, and if you are really serious about wanting to become an author and getting yourself out there, she knows what needs to happen to get you there. This has been amazing and freaking huge what this woman has done for me, I cannot thank her enough for her love, support and ongoing commitment to me. If you want to be an author Laura can help you! I am so thrilled to call her my friend, Laura I love you!…"

- Maini Homer

"A huge, big thank you to Laura & David of Books Boost Business, they have been amazing, absolutely amazing, I love them. Laura has a way of making you face your fears, she is very direct and its tough love, but its all in a good way. You can feel her looking into your heart when she is helping you. That is the key part, she does want to help, and she does help, she is fantastic and worth every single investment opportunity, whatever you want to do, to get on with your book. I call Laura a force of nature because she has had a massive influence on me, this is with respect and thank you…"

- Martin Upton

"I did not know that it was possible to make a book until I met you. This has been a big dream in my life creating a book, you have been so courageous, so brave, so… what do you call it when people are so calm and they cheer on you and they motivate you to become the best version of you to create the book. I am so grateful for the process; I am so grateful for your patience working with me through this book. I did not know where to start, I did not know how to do it, the way you help me create the book it has been awesome! I am going to do it again, Thank you Laura…"

- Amelevi Hounou Rathleff

"Anybody wondering about publishing, you have come to the right place, Laura Helen and her team are absolutely hands down one of the best sources to publish your book out there. They are not only going to your publish book, they are going to work with you through the tough times, through the times of self-doubt they are going to coach you through the entire process. As well as helping you with the launch of it, the marketing afterwards, and after the book is released it does not stop there… they have helped me…SO many times!…"

- Matthew Cybulski

"This is a story that began 4 months ago, through my network I came across Laura. For me it was just my gut feeling straight away I just knew this had to happen, I had to take that leap of faith, trusting somebody that really, I didn’t know, I didn’t know Laura from Adam. For me to invest time and money into something like this… at the end of the day I said to myself, you either trust yourself or you do not. your either full in or you are not. Working with Laura is the most simple thing drama less thing and trust me I know how to do drama…"

- Anna Garcia

"I am a bestseller! I am absolutely thrilled and delighted, but I really couldn’t have done it without Laura, she has a professionalism, but more importantly to me is she has this fun quality, she makes you feel at home, there is no judgment at all. I grew with her so much. There will be days when you feel like you cannot do it and she is there, and she is amazing! 200 out of 100 for there business and what they do. I have even started a new set of books and I am using Laura again because I just trust her, and I love the relationship we have developed…"

- Amanda Hill Ryall

"Laura you are an amazing person! I got to know you on a personal level which was amazing, I just want to say you are definitely and entrepreneur, you have a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind, you have created a family that strive to become better, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for getting my book into Tony Robbins hands, I am glad he enjoyed it. I thank you for being a friend to me, thank you so much Laura I appreciate everything you have done. Continue to change the world, continue to believe in what you believe in because you are on the right path…"

- Karim Ramos

"You do not want to miss working with this company, they give you a step by step process in order to get your book out, from the chapters… you name it they give it to you. What I love is the exercises that they give you to help you come out of your shell. Not only that they even help you with marketing strategies helping you to launch your book so that your book can get momentum. I want to thank you Laura Helen and the company, What I love about Laura Helen is she helped hold me accountable, I promise you, you will not be disappointed…"

- Rev Aleecha Pitts

"For years I have had the idea of writing a book, and always felt I had one inside me to release to the public that could help people. Laura told she could take me from idea to actual release and I would not have to do any of the hard work. I immediately jumped at this choice, and I am so grateful I did. Since the process has started Laura has kept me accountable the entire way and it’s something that should be worth several times what they are actually charging so don’t wait any longer, get your idea out to the world and change some lives…"

- Daniel Chard

"What can I say about Laura? Amazing, brilliant mind, absolutely amazing person… why? Because whenever I have an issue and I go to her, within 5 minutes she puts me right, she gives me amazing advice and practical strategies that I can implement, she expands my mind and makes me think out of the box. One of the things I would say to you is she is amazing, I had a challenge with my book, she gave 101 reasons why I should do it and she gave me the blueprints on how to put it all together. Amazing, amazing, amazing women, brilliant mind, that’s Laura Helen! She is amazing!…"

- Sandra G M Jarvis